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Disconnected;Chapter 26

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 26
Back At The House...
"Where would he be?" Alexia paced back and forth wondering to herself out loud.
"I don't know Alexia.Bam and the guys said have been searching for him for an hour." Ashley said to her.
"I never meant to say no!" she cried."I was just overwhelmed!But I never meant to say that!"
She wet over to the couch,sat down on it, and started crying.
Ashley moved over to her and put her arms around her in a hug.She didn't really know what to do or say to her.
"It's going to be alright,Alex.He's probably just cruising around town letting off steam." she told her comfortingly.
Alexia was trying to accept what Ashley was tellingher but couldn't.Then all these thoughts hit her like an oncoming train.
It fell over her like a dark blanket.
"Oh my god!!What if he went",she couldn't bring herself to say what she was thinking.More tears fell from her eyes.
"No.I don't think he went to do that.I hope he didn't at least." she said trying to convince Alexia and herself.
'I hope he didn't.' Ashley thought to herself.
Then all of a sudden the phone rang.Alexia got up and answered it.
"Hello?!" she asked expecting to hear Bam or one of the guys saying they found him or maybe even Ryan himself.
"Alexia?" a voice asked over the phone.
She recognized the voice.She was a little it disappointed.
"Mrs. Dunn?" Alexia asked.
"Yes,dear." Mrs. Dunn said.
'She sounds a little bit exasperated.' Alexia thought.
"How are you?" Alexia asked."Is everything okay?Did something happen to...?"
Mrs. Dunn cut her off.
"I'm fine and so is Shawn,and so is she." she told Alexia.
Alexia breathed a sigh of relief.
'Thank God!' she thought.
"It's not us." she told Alexia."It's Ryan."
Alexia couldn't breath all of a sudden.The worst things crossed through her mind.
'Please don't let him be dead.Please don't let him be dead.' she thought, silently pleading to the heavens.
"Is he...?" she trailed off trying to choke back tears of fear and sadness.
"Oh honey.He's fine,I think.He's here with me,Shawn, and Lindsay.Everyone's fine." Mrs. Dun told her calmly.
"Thank the lord!" Alexia said over the phone smiling a bit.
Mrs. Dunn chuckled.But then became serious.
"Alex what happened?Ryan just came and said he had to see Lindsay.Is everything all right?" Mrs. Dunn asked worriedly.
"No not really." Alexia said.
She recounted the whole story to her.
"...And that's probably why he's at your house,Lydia." Alexia finished.
"Oh.Ok.Well did you tell him all that before he left?" Lydia asked.
"No,not really.But I'll be over there soon.Try and keep him there until I can get there.Thanks Lydia!" Alexia told her.
"No problem Alexia.But please hurry!He could do something drastic!" 
she pleaded with her.


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