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Disconnected;Chapter 24

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 24
Ryan, still on one knee,waited patiently for her answer.
But then she had this unknown feeling come over her.She had never felt this way before.
She didn't feel ready all of a sudden.She still loved him,she knew that.
She felt nervous and a little bit scared.She didn't know what to say.
She so badly wanted to say yes,but another part of her felt scared, and not ready.
They already had a responsibility to take share,but she didn't know what to do.
"Ryan," she managed to say."I just had an onslaught of feelings hit me.I just feel so overwhelmed right now."
She went over to the couch to sit down.She was still crying.
"Do you want to marry me?" he asked her,looking worried.
"No, that's not it!" she said."I just feel overwhelmed right now.I ned a moment to think and gather my thoughts,baby." she told him gently.
She went over to him and took his hands into hers.
"I just need a moment." she told him,looking into his brown eyes.
He could see her hazel eyes lined with tears.
She looked down at the ring.
"This is beautiful Ry!Where did you get this?" she asked him amazed.
"I had it made just for you.The people at West chester Jewelers made it.Do you like it?" he asked her.
"Oh it's beautiful,Ry!But this must have cost a lot of money!Where did you get it?" she asked him,inspecting the ring.
"I sold my bike." he told her sheepishly.
"Your $7,000.00 custom-made bike?!But you loved that bike!" she exclaimed.
"Yes.But you're more important than any old bike." he told her.
"Oh that's so sweet Ryan!" she said to him,giving him a kiss.
"But I don't know if I'm ready to get married right now." she told him.
"Don't get me wrong though!I really want to marry you,just not right now." she said in a small voice.
Ryan stared at her for a minute then got up.He turned around and headed for the door.
"Ryan wait!Don't leave!" she called to him.
But Bam,Raab,Rake,Ashley,Brandon, and Novak who had headed down the stairs after they heard her answer,held her back.
"Alexia I just think he needs to be by himself for a bit." Raab told her.
"But..." she tried,pleading.
"Look,let him cool off for a bit then Brandon,Ashley,Jenn and I will go out and find him." Bam told her.
"He'll be alright." Ashley told her as she hugged Alexia.
But somehow Alexia wasn't so sure...


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