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Disconnected;Chapter 21

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 21
He had everything set up.Tonight was Friday,the day he was supposed to propose to Alexia.
Ashley had Alexia upstairs distracting her while he set everything up.
He had had a florist make blur roses because blue was her favorite color.He had candles lit,Sweet Pea, her favorite scent.
"Lexa,will you come down here please?" Ryan called up the stairs...
She heaard Ryan calling her downstairs.She looked at Ashley who gave her a big grin and nodded at her.
They both got up and opened the door.Ashley stood looking down the railing, and Alexia headed down the stairs.
She saw all the candles lit and the blue roses.She was amazed.
'Oh my god!These are so cool!!But where's Ryan?' she thought to herself looking around for him.
"Ryan?" she called out,still looking at the beautiful blue roses.
He walked into the room and she headed oer towards him.
"Baby, what's all this about?" she asked giving him a hug and a kiss.
"Alexia,I'm not really sure how to say this,so I'll just say it bluntly." he told her.
She got a worried look on her face,suddenly.
"We're not breaking up are we?"she asked timidly.
"Hell no!I love you too much to let you go,which brings me to my point I guess."he told her.
She looked puzzled.
"What are you talking about,babe?" she asked.
"Alexia,ever since you came into my life,nothing's been the same.I truly feel I can really be myself with you.I don't care what someone says or does to me as long as I get to see you."
"I've never met anyone like you.I know this will probably sound girly and stupid,but no one's loved me like you do or ever have.No one else would have stuck around.Even Novack agrees with me and you've got to admit that that must be pretty good if it's coming from him.",Ryan told her smiling.
She burst out laughing.
"Yea.Coming from Novack it must be good because he never lies or beats around the bush about anything!" she said still laughing.
They both laughed.
"But really,I've never really felt this way with any other girl before.So I wanna know..."he said getting down on one knee."Alexia Michelle Keeling, will you marry me?"
He pulled out the 14-karat heart-shaped ring and held it out for her to see.
Alexia's eyes got big and she gasped and covered her mouth.She started crying.


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