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Disconnected;Chapter 20

By iluvbam1610
Chapter 20
3 days later...
Ryan and Alexia spent every moment together.Their friends all agreed that this was the happiest they had ever seen any of them.
It was then decided that he couldn't possibly live without Alexia.He decided to propose to her.
He was gonna do it on Friday.It was Tuesday when he decided.
He waited until Alexia had something to do then went out to West Chester Jewlery.
He picked the most beautiful ring that they had.It was a 14-karat diamond-shaped into a heart.
He thanked the jeweler and left for home.He hadn't really told any of the other guys about it,except for Dico.
*Flashback(1 day ago)*
"Hey Bran!Can I talk to you for a second?" Ryan asked him coming down the stairs.
"Yea.What's up?" he asked, pausing his Mortal Kombat game.
"I'm thinking about proposing to Alexia.What do you think?" he asked Brandon for his opinon.
"Dude!Congratulations!" Brandon told him,giving him a hug.
'Thanks.But what do you think about us getting married?Do you think it's too soon?" Ryan asked frantically.
"No.Why would you think that?" Brandon asked him curiously.
"Just wondering." Ryan said."I'm going to propose to her Friday.Too soon?"
"No.Unless you think so." Brandon told him,leaning back on the couch.
Just then Ashley came in.
"Hey baby." she told Dico giving him a quick kiss.
"Hey Ryan!What's up?" she asked him as she sat down next to Dico.
"I'm gonna propose to Alexia." he told her,a faint smile appearing on his lips.
"Oh my god!Congratulations Ry!" she exclaimed. getting up and giving him a hug.
"When are you gonna do it?"
"On Friday." Ryan told her.
*End Flashback*


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