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Disconnected;Chapter 18

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By iluvbam1610
Chapter 18
She felt really nervous all of a sudden.She felt like locking herself up in the car.
But then she looked over and saw Ryan staring at the convertible waiting for his 'surprise'.
Then it felt as if a weight had been lifted just by looking at him.
She could feel the heat of his eyes staring at her,or theconvertible part where he thought his 'surprise' was.
Slowly she stepped out of the car...
He saw Ashley open the door.He waited for a minute or two to see what would happen.
Then he saw a person step out.He didn't have to see the front of them to know who it was.
He watched as she turned around to look at him.
She pulled the rest of her body out of the car and turned around to where Ryan was.
She saw him standing there.She dropped her duffel bag and purse.
She ran around the car in the direction of Ryan.He saw her coming and ran towards her too.
She finally reached him and jumped into his arms.

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